About mebl | Transforming Furniture

We’re passionate about beautiful high-quality furniture, re-imagined out of old wood and metal. We’d love to help outfit your home, office or cafe/hotel with furniture that’s gorgeous, adventurous, one-of-a-kind . . . and environmentally savvy. No trade-offs!

mebl is seeking to expand the market for beautiful furniture built from reclaimed materials as an avenue to mainstream greater environmental sustainability in furniture production.  We’re out to bust through conventional perceptions of “reclaimed,” promote talented furniture-makers, and encourage them and the materials alike to tell their textured stories.

As champions of the next generation of furniture with values, our aim is to match you with artisans who share your love of fine furniture and commitment to a more sustainable world. Founded in 2015, mebl | Transforming Furniture features furniture handcrafted in 100 workshops around the US, the globe and our origins in Brooklyn, New York

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mebl means furniture

My immigrant grandmother’s first language was Yiddish. She was born into a worn and fraying past in the old country. Through vision and strength of character, Grandma Amelia transformed opportunity into a beautiful, meaningful life for herself and her family in the United States in the early 20th century.

M – B – L are the root letters for the word “furniture” in at least 32 languages around the world:

Albanian: mobilje
Azerbaijani: mebel
Belarusian: meblia
Bulgarian: mebeli
Catalan: mobles
Corsican: mobili
Danish: møbel
Dutch: meubilair
Esperanto: mebloj
Estonian: mööbel
Filipino: muwebles
French: meuble
Frisian: meubilêr
Galician: mobiliario
German: möbel
Haitian Creole: mèb
Indonesian: mebel
Italian: mobilia
Kyrgyz: mebel
Latvian: mebeles
Macedonian: mebel
Norwegian: møbler
Polish: meble
Portuguese: mobília
Romanian: mobila
Russian: mebel
Spanish: mueble
Swedish: möbel
Tajik: meBel
Turkish: mobilya
Ukranian: mebli
Uzbek: Mebel
and Yiddish: mebl