About mebl

mebl / transforming furniture

Celebrates the magic and inspiration of taking old, used wood and re-imagining it ‎as stunning new furniture.

mebl wants to make it much simpler for you to enjoy the full range of beautiful furniture handmade by artisans working with purpose and repurposed materials. We connect consumers who want unique furniture pieces that express their style and values … with furniture makers who can deliver high quality at fair prices. mebl ‎seeks to stimulate, support and expand both sides of this marketplace.‎

We’ve searched far and wide — across Brooklyn, the United States and around the globe — to find the most innovative furniture artisans who create the best in re-invented and re-imagined wood furniture. And we aim to bust through narrow, conventional perceptions of the range of furniture made from reclaimed wood and other sustainable materials!

Ultimately, our aim is to promote greater environmental sustainability practices in furniture production. This transformation includes greater re-use of wood and other materials, increased diversion of building waste from landfills, and expanded use of non-toxic finishes, glues and other applications. ‎We also believe in sustainable livelihoods for artisans‎ and nurturing traditions of historic narrative. mebl celebrates the power of transformation in many dimensions.

By revering what’s trashed, retired, dismantled, old, empty and dilapidated — and inspired by the imagination and originality of artisans‎ — mebl / transforming furniture‎ ‎champions the next generation of ‎beautiful furniture with values!

mebl means “furniture” in Yiddish

My immigrant grandmother’s first language. She was born into a worn and fraying past in the old country. Through vision, imagination and strength of character, Grandma Amelia transformed opportunity into a beautiful, meaningful life for herself and her family in the United States in the early 20th century.

In addition, M – B – L are the root letters for the word “furniture” in at least 32 languages around the world:

Albanian: mobilje; Azerbaijani: mebel; Belarusian: meblia; Bulgarian: mebeli; Catalan: mobles; Corsican: mobili; Danish: møbel; Dutch: meubilair; Esperanto: mebloj; Estonian: mööbel; Filipino: muwebles; French: meuble; Frisian: meubilêr; Galician: mobiliario; German: möbel; Haitian Creole: mèb; Indonesian: mebel; Italian: mobilia; Kyrgyz: mebel; Latvian: mebeles; Macedonian: mebel; Norwegian: møbler; Polish: meble; Portuguese: mobília; Romanian: mobila; Russian: mebel; Spanish: mueble; Swedish: möbel; Tajik: meBel; Turkish: mobilya; Ukranian: mebli; Uzbek: Mebel; and Yiddish: mebl.