Can you help me select pieces of furniture?

We’d love to! Best is to email us at info@meblfurniture.com. Or you can call us and leave mesaage at 718-230-1944 in the USA.

What is furniture re-imagined from old wood and metal?

By reimagined, we mean transforming old wood or metal into extraordinary one-of-a-kind furniture pieces — made of everything from deconstructed barn-siding to retired store signs to abandoned fishing boats. Nothing at mebl | Transforming Furniture has been mass-produced and nothing can be exactly replicated.

We’d love to furnish your home, office or place of business. Ultimately, our boldest aims are to promote greater environmental sustainability in furniture production practices and to foster sustainable livelihoods for small-scale furniture-makers‎.

Where is your furniture made?

mebl | Transforming Furniture features the work of 100 furniture-makers from around New York City, the United States and the world. Roughly 25% is made in Brooklyn, NY; 50% in locales around the US; and 25% comes from countries around the globe.

How does mebl | Transforming Furniture source its furniture?

We rely on the Internet, travel, trade shows and word-of-mouth. We revere the imaginative capacity of artisans to turn what’s dismantled, retired, old, empty and dilapidated into beautiful works of furniture — that match our customers’ sense of elegance, adventurousness, curiosity and commitment to sustainability. We are committed to promoting individual furniture-makers and small furniture-making workshops.

What characterizes your furniture?

While each piece is unique, every furniture-maker we feature shares a commitment to re-use of old wood and/or metal, use of low-toxicity adhesives and finishes, and high-quality handmade craftmanship. The furniture we feature reflects an eye for beauty and originality, and an eagerness to “free” the reclaimed materials to tell their textured stories.  Our sweet-spot is the imaginative re-use of old materials into furniture in ways that transcends the original “life” of the materials. We recommend our furniture for indoor use; none is explicitly weather-proofed.

I make furniture. Can mebl | Transforming Furniture sell my work?

If you are interested in exploring selling your work through mebl |Transforming Furniture, please first check the alignment of your furniture with our criteria, outlined in “What characterizes your furniture?” above. If you see a good fit, please email us at info@meblfurniture.com to share photos and details on your work.

Can you deliver/ship my purchase?

Yes.  To date, we deliver to the lower 48 states and Washington, DC in the continental United States. Cost of delivery varies depending on dimensions, weight, fragility, destination and speed. We will do our best to help you find the most reasonably priced and trustworthy transportation options. The customer pays for shipping and delivery.

Can I order a custom furniture piece?

Yes. Many of the furniture-makers whose work we feature would love the opportunity to create a custom piece for you. The timeline varies, typically ranging from 2-6 months, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, depending on the complexity of the piece and the distance to ship. If interested, please email us at info@meblfurniture.com with the name of the furniture-maker and/or your ideas, specifications and dimensions. If possible, include photos that capture the “look” you’re looking for. We will then look to match you with a talented furniture-maker.

What is your return/cancellation policy?

For all full price items, you can cancel or return your purchase within 2 days from the time of purchase for a full refund. Any cancellation or return after 2 days but before 15 days from time of purchase (receipt of product for online purchases) qualifies for a refund, minus any initial and return shipping fees, as well as any incidental costs. Cancellations and returns after 15 days from time of purchase (receipt of product for online purchases) do not qualify for a refund. All purchases made at discounted or SALE prices are final. Please contact us at info@meblfurniture.com with any questions.

I want to order a piece of furniture in a different size or shade. Will my custom piece look identical to what I’ve seen?

Most likely, it will look similar but not identical. As all of our pieces are handmade from reclaimed materials, each is almost by definition one-of-a-kind. The design of two pieces may be identical but the character-rich beauty of re-used materials — patina, grain, nail-holes, rust, and so much more — rarely looks exactly the same across two pieces.