How We Work

At mebl Transforming Furniture, we love to help our customers find fine furniture that shares their sense of beauty and their commitment to a more sustainable world.

We offer you three ways to buy:

1. Visit our website!

If you see a piece of furniture you love, click “I’m interested!” and just let us know. We’ll get back to you quickly. 

For questions about dimensions, materials, color, usage or any other aspect of a furniture piece, we also encourage you to contact us by clicking “I’m interested!”

2. Buy through our showroom

Visit mebl | Transforming Furniture’s large pop-up store, at 7 East 14th Street in Manhattan, just west of Union Square Park (New York City).

3. Custom order

Commission a custom-built furniture piece of your dreams. Email us at or call 718-230-1944

We’ll help match you with a talented woodworker to define a furniture piece — in design and dimensions — as you wish it.

At mebl Transforming Furniture, we feature furniture that’s gorgeous, adventurous, functional, unique and … environmentally smart. No need for a trade-off!


Our Priorities

beautiful design

beautiful design

eye-catching and original



in small workshops



the thrill of the find!

reclaimed wood

and other sustainable materials

quality workmanship

quality workmanship

built for generations

every piece tells a story

every piece tells a story

highlighting living history


low-toxicity applications

local and global

from the USA, the globe
and Brooklyn

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