Inspiration – What Our Customers Are Saying

I absolutely LOVE your stuff. It’s as if my furniture thoughts / dreams appeared!
– @Samstone68, via Instagram

I could furnish my life with your designs!
Inspirationally good stuff. It is so culturally relevant, simple yet monumental special talent. 
– Bertram K, via Instagram

“Something very compelling to me about the idea that I as a buyer am a “borrower” in a much longer history of that object’s footprint. SO I can contribute to it, by using it, but it also adds to the whole…in a very tangible real chunky way…Good luck! I am joining your movement!”
– Yvette A., New York, NY

“So old wood has new rights! The furniture looks great.”
– Cora, Boston

“The furniture knocked my socks off — it’s just beautiful.”
– Liz, New York, New York

“Each piece speaks emotionally. I love the crazy-quilt nature of it. I didn’t know what to expect.”
– Gary, Brooklyn, New York

“I walked into your pop-up and it was a great surprise. So many pieces that are so great and unique! I love your work.  The detail of each is what makes the pieces.”
– Customer, Sept 17 2018

“I just discovered your store and I’m in love. What an incredible collection of one-of-a-kind furniture… it seems to fuse my organic love for story with the ethical and innovative design of high-end furniture.”
– Customer, Dec 1 2018

“This has such beautiful implications and consciousness-shifting potential! I’m really interested in deforestation/reforestation efforts and have increasingly become aware of the gross disposal of wood. Thanks for launching.”
– Monica, Manhattan, New York

“Very impressive and beautiful to look at! PLEASE come south with your distribution….”
– Derek, Charlottesville, Virginia

“I just thought you would like to know that everyone has commented on how great the furniture is …. you’ll soon need more business cards!”
– Gabby, Peconic, New York

“I happened to stop by your store. I was totally stunned. It’s one of my favorite showrooms I’ve ever been inside.”
– Customer, Oct 24 2018

“When I walked into your store I felt as if my guardian angel had guided me there.  I felt right at home.”
– Customer, Oct 25 2018

“Your front window and interior space caught my eye. I stayed for quite a while looking at the mesmerizing contents.  Your creations caught my imagination.  I know there is a great story to be told.”
–  Customer, Dec 12 2018


It takes a village to launch a furniture business! Thank you to these — and many other! — talented colleagues, friends and practitioners for your advice, analysis, insight, tough-talk and cheerleading in getting this social venture off the ground:

Anita Durst and team ChaShaMa,
Benedicte & Raja Moubarak, [beyt] by 2B Design,
Billy Gopeesingh, Watson & Gitto,
Celia Gibson & Michael Moran,
Christian Tuempling,
Christie Boyle, Chrysanthemum Partners,
Christine Rico, CFO On Speed Dial,
Fo Wilson, artist/designer,
Gabrielle Anctil & the CoLab team,
Jennie Wilde, design strategy consulting,
Jim Malone, CounterEv,
Kate McDowell, Kiss Me Kate Photography
Kevin Hourigan,

Liz Gamal, Rhizome Design Concepts LLC,
Michael Iannone, Iannone Design,
Peter Strugatz, Strugatz Ventures,
Rabbi DovBer & Rochie Pinson, Six50/Iyyun,
Rafael Esquer, Alfalfa Studio,
Ron Shapiro, Shapiro and Silverstein PLLC,
Rhea Alexander,
Ryan James, Design to Live,
Serene Gebara & Omar Kamal, Zenporium,
Shannon Bowser, Brooklyn SLaB LLC,
Simonil Rustomji & Richell Wee,
Susan Inglis and the Sustainable Furnishings Council,
Tommy Safian, Refoundry,