Patchwork Credenza

Amarillo, Texas USA

Price: $7290

Salvaged pieces from lots of random things, from Amarillo, Texas

“…Some of our wood is from old crates, some dropped from other projects. Some I got from an older man who doesn’t throw anything out and has stacks of stuff in his barn…”

Product Details

Patchwork Credenza by Kith & Kin Makers

“Hand selected and thoughtfully laid out pieces of reclaimed walnut, white oak, mahogany, hardwoods, and maple are carefully joined. Patches and Dutchmen are inlaid to stabilize and accentuate cracks and checks to add geometrical interest for a distinct and one of a kind piece.”


60" W x 18" D x 33" H


Available -- for in-store pickup or delivery in New York City metro area.


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