Upcycled Cupboard | “COLMAN’S”

Cabinet, Sideboard, Credenza

London, England


Price: $8590

Old signs and drawers, along with plywood from poured concrete forms from the London Olympics construction site

“…The starting point for these cabinets always differs. Sometimes I’ll have a bolt-out-of-the-blue discovery and everything falls into place, other times I’ll be playing a three-dimensional game of Tetris for a year or two until a cabinet is finished or rejected back into the hoarding mountain…”


Product Details

Upcycled Cupboard | "COLMAN'S" by Rupert Blanchard, Rupert Blanchard

“I have been designing and constructing new furniture with the aim of lavishing attention on once discarded, broken and over-looked objects. The main rule I have set myself is to only use objects that no longer fulfill the purpose for which they were originally created, and to make the unwanted wanted again.”


79 1/2" W x 19 1/2" D x 27 1/2" H