Earth/Stone/Wood – multifunctional modular furniture

Coffee Table

Bieliny, Poland


Price: $3590

Boards dismantled from an uncle’s old barn and shed in northern Poland

“I draw my inspiration from research on the human relationship with nature, in a biological, cultural, and spiritual context. My sculptural pieces take reference from natural forms. I am obsessed with shapes, textures, the sensory richness of natural materials…”


Product Details

Earth Stone Wood - Mulitifunctional Modular Furniture by The Whole Elements

Four uniquely-shaped tables reflect the designer’s mission of “creating space related to the natural environment and its attributes, such as mystery, hidden order, changeability, sensory richness, and dynamic natural light.”

Earth unit in black. Stone unit in grey. Wood unit in natural wood.

Each table $3,308


38" W x 12 1/2" D x 20" H