Neorustica Dining Table

Dining Table

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Price: $6290

Recycled Peroba Rosa wood (Aspidoperma Polyneuron) from Brazil

“…made from colourfully painted scrapwood, his intention is to highlight the living conditions of…people who have moved from country to city in search of a better life, and whose resourcefulness is especially inspiring…”


Product Details

Neorustica Dining Table by Jahara Studio

“Specially crafted out of rough wood, the slates are carefully painted in bright colors making every result a different mix, giving character to the furniture but also letting the natural differences of the scraps show, with all the grains and scratches becoming part of the texture that has this ideal feel of being aged by use.” — Jahara Studio


63" W x 31 1/2" D x 29 1/2"H