Tiffany Gomez Design Studio

Maker Portrait: Gomez Design Studio


Tiffany Gomez’s goal is to challenge our relationship with the material world, using design as a means to build more sustainable communities. 

"The weathering of reclaimed wood is what inspires me most. I’m naturally drawn to the colors, patterns and textures that are present in the material."

Working primarily with reclaimed lath wood, Tiffany creates unique pieces that are true to the natural features of the material. She is slowly evolving Gomez Design Studio into what she hopes will become the neighborhood hub for design and community connection.

Gomez Design Studio is located in the Bronx, New York (USA).

“You begin to see all the beautiful shades of brown, gray, cream, and white within the wood. I’ve created close to 100 pieces with lath wood and no two have ever been the same.” 

Originally: Discarded lath from old buildings and houses

Tiffany started using reclaimed wood in 2016 because it was the “sustainable thing to do.” She works primarily with lath wood, often hidden behind thick layers of plaster in century-old buildings. 

The lath typically gets ripped out and discarded, and is usually broken, full of nails, and has plaster stuck to it. Tiffany strips away the nails and cuts down the rough and broken edges, making the wood come alive again.

Visit or @gomezdesignstudio to learn more.