Furniture maker Michael Iannone

Maker Portrait: Iannone Design


Michael Iannone has been designing and building furniture for over 19 years. He specializes in high quality modern furniture with a strong focus on original design and the use of sustainable materials.

“It's great to see wood reclaimed from places and things I would have never even thought about. I really enjoy seeing where the wood originates and the uniqueness that comes with that..."

Iannone Design mixes sustainable materials with uncluttered, mid-century lines and nature-inspired graphics. The firm wasn't founded on sustainability, but after a few years watching “eco-friendly pieces” attract greater sales, Iannone made it core to his mission. "A lot of sustainable materials are really beautiful,” says Iannone, “like reclaimed wood, kirei [pressed boards made from stalks of sorghum] and bamboo plywood. Beauty is a big factor, too."

Iannone Design is located in Elmer, New Jersey (USA).

“The most eco-friendly, sustainable thing I can do is create something timeless. I hope my furniture will be passed down from generation to generation.” 

Originally: Reclaimed wood and salvaged metal from junkyard cars

Among a range of materials, Michael works with reclaimed wood -- such as Chestnut beams from an old barn or salvaged White Oak boards from a raceway destroyed by a fire. 

Michael builds the colorful Rewreck Sideboard, pictured here, in collaboration with the Weld House (Phoenix, Arizona), which supplies the junkyard auto metal.

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