Redefining 'reclaimed' . . .

Pivotal Moment

At mebl | Transforming Furniture, we believe that gorgeous, high-quality reclaimed furniture can play a pivotal role in forging an environmentally and economically sustainable future.

With a mission to redefine “reclaimed” and champion the next generation of furniture with values, we aspire to be a "zebra company" - driven by purpose.  

Founded in 2015 in Brooklyn NY, our early years have been defined by exploring the world of talented furniture-makers and bringing them to the attention of our adventurous customers. We elevate a diverse community of artisans from around New York, the US and the globe who build beautiful new furniture that’s re-imagined out of old wood, metal and plastic.

Today, at this fluid moment, we’re asking ourselves: How we can push the boundaries? How -- in the eyes of consumers and industry -- can we create fresh, expansive perceptions of reclaimed furniture? Our aim is to help catapult “circular” use of materials from a creative niche to the robust forefront of the furniture market. 

Accelerating a global transition to environmental sustainability -- through furniture

"mebl" means furniture

Our founder’s immigrant grandmother’s first language was Yiddish. She was born into a worn and fraying past in the old country. Through vision and strength of character, Grandma Amelia transformed opportunity into a beautiful, meaningful life for herself and her family in the United States in the early 20th century.

M – B – L are the root letters for the word “furniture” in at least 32 languages around the world:

Albanian: mobilje
Azerbaijani: mebel
Belarusian: meblia
Bulgarian: mebeli
Catalan: mobles
Corsican: mobili
Danish: møbel
Dutch: meubilair
Esperanto: mebloj
Estonian: mööbel
Filipino: muwebles

French: meuble
Frisian: meubilêr
Galician: mobiliario
German: möbel
Haitian Creole: mèb
Indonesian: mebel
Italian: mobilia
Kyrgyz: mebel
Latvian: mebeles
Macedonian: mebel
Norwegian: møbler

Polish: meble
Portuguese: mobília
Romanian: mobila
Russian: mebel
Spanish: mueble
Swedish: möbel
Tajik: meBel
Turkish: mobilya
Ukranian: mebli
Uzbek: Mebel
and Yiddish: mebl

Furniture featured, top to bottom: 1) Sulok Sulatan Desk Benji Reyes, originally barges & bridges from The Philippines. 2) Upcycled Vertical Cabinet Rupert Blanchard, originally signs and concrete-form plywood from England. 3) Indigola Cabinet Hamed Ouattara, originally oil drums from Burkina Faso, West Africa. 4) Canal Gate Table Jan Hendzel Studio, originally lock gate in southern England.