Redefining 'reclaimed' . . .

Pivotal Moment

At mebl | Transforming Furniture, we believe that gorgeous, high-quality reclaimed furniture can play a pivotal role in forging an environmentally and economically sustainable future.

With a mission to redefine “reclaimed” and champion the next generation of furniture with values, we aspire to be a company driven by purpose.

Founded in 2015 in Brooklyn NY, our early years have been defined by exploring the world of talented furniture-makers and bringing them to the attention of our adventurous audience. We elevate a diverse community of artisans from around New York, the US, and the globe who build beautiful new furniture that’s re-imagined out of old wood, metal and plastic.

Today, as we continue to build our community of artisans, we’re seeking to push the boundaries even further. Our aim is to help catapult “circular” use of materials from a creative niche to the forefront of the furniture market. One key part of that is creating fresh, expansive perceptions of furniture built from reclaimed materials.

Accelerating a global transition to environmental sustainability -- through furniture

"mebl" means furniture

Our founder’s immigrant grandmother’s first language was Yiddish. She was born into a worn and fraying past in the old country. Through vision and strength of character, Grandma Amelia transformed opportunity into a beautiful, meaningful life for herself and her family in the United States in the early 20th century.

M – B – L are the root letters for the word “furniture” in at least 32 languages around the world:

Albanian: mobilje
Azerbaijani: mebel
Belarusian: meblia
Bulgarian: mebeli
Catalan: mobles
Corsican: mobili
Danish: møbel
Dutch: meubilair
Esperanto: mebloj
Estonian: mööbel
Filipino: muwebles

French: meuble
Frisian: meubilêr
Galician: mobiliario
German: möbel
Haitian Creole: mèb
Indonesian: mebel
Italian: mobilia
Kyrgyz: mebel
Latvian: mebeles
Macedonian: mebel
Norwegian: møbler

Polish: meble
Portuguese: mobília
Romanian: mobila
Russian: mebel
Spanish: mueble
Swedish: möbel
Tajik: meBel
Turkish: mobilya
Ukranian: mebli
Uzbek: Mebel
and Yiddish: mebl

Furniture featured, top to bottom: 1) Sulok Sulatan Desk Benji Reyes, originally barges & bridges from The Philippines. 2) Upcycled Vertical Cabinet Rupert Blanchard, originally signs and concrete-form plywood from England. 3) Canal Gate Table Jan Hendzel Studio, originally lock gate in southern England.