Events & Collaborations

Events & Collaborations

‘GOING CIRCULAR’ - A Lively Webinar on Next Steps 


Thursday, November 17th, 12:00 - 1:00pm

How do principles of 'circularity' apply to furniture & furnishings? We dove into the Circular Design Glossary: Furniture & Furnishings, featuring tangible, inspiring examples - from sofas to tables to lighting.

Watch the recording of this interactive webinar to:

• better understand 40+ circular design concepts – from ‘design for disassembly’ to ‘fair trade' to 'recycling' to 'regenerative design'

• learn practical approaches from leaders in the industry

• explore why these principles matter - to a clean environment & climate stability, to healthy interiors, and to the bottom line

• map next steps on your ‘circular journey'

The glossary was created by mebl | Transforming Furniture and the Sustainable Furnishings Council, in collaboration with SOMA_studiomilano. 

Circular City Week New York 2022

Circularity in Furniture @ Circular City Week NY

May 2-8, 2022

> Watch How Business Leaders Drive Change: Leading the Way on ‘Circularity’ from Within

> Watch Public Policy & ‘Circularity’: Business Can Move the Needle

> Watch Circularity and the Future of Furniture Design

mebl | Transforming Furniture hosted three webinars in collaboration with the Sustainable Furnishings Council, the American Sustainable Business Network and Sarah Templin Studio, that explored business strategy, public policy, and design practice as 3 promising levers of change toward circularity in the furniture field.



ReDesign Week 2022

ReDesign @ ReFashion Week NYC 

April 2-8, 2022

> Watch Equity Can't Be an Add On - a conversation about design, waste and justice.

> Watch Cool Furniture, Happier Planet, Smart Business - introducing a new generation of ‘circular’ NYC furniture businesses.

> Watch Alternatives to the Curb - how real New Yorkers redecorate and keep furniture out of landfills.

mebl | Transforming Furniture produced ReDesign, a new track of ReFashion Week NYC (an initiative of the Sanitation Foundation and Donate NYC). We hosted 3 webinars that explored creative solutions to our massive furniture and design waste problem. We also curated our landfill > LOUNGE installation where we highlighted how reclaimed waste can be transformed into beautiful, functional pieces of furniture. 

Other Spring 2022 Events


April 27 - May 1, 2022 

mebl | Transforming Furniture facilitated the participation of artisan Hamed Ouattara from Burkina Faso (West Africa) at the Unique Design X Group’s second annual collectible design show. The show - at the Trustees' Garden pavilion in Savannah, Georgia - featured work by a global array of artists, architects and designers who create “collectible design” - collection-worthy objects which function as furniture.


New York School of Interior Design

April & June, 2022 

mebl | Transforming Furniture is collaborating with NYSID to provide students and alumni with the opportunity to learn more about the interior design industry as a catalyst for our transition to the circular economy. We hosted a Lunch & Learn, participated in a career panel, and guest facilitated a graduate class -- all seeking to inspire the next generation of circular-minded designers.


2021 (November - December)

Circular and Regenerative Interiors: What Does that Really Mean?

NYCxDESIGN's 2021 Festival 

November 16, 2021
Curious about circularity and regenerative design, but still struggling to understand? Interest in applying principles of the circular economy to 21st-century furniture and interior design is fast gaining steam -- but what does that really mean? 

Watch a brief, deep virtual dive into a modern approach to design with the power to transform the industry's effect on the environment! This session features interviews with NYC-based regenerative design experts, Laurence Carr of Laurence Carr Inc, and Jessica Corr of Plia, moderated by Michael Hirschhorn of mebl | Transforming Furniture. This webinar was co-sponsored by mebl | Transforming Furniture and Laurence Carr, Inc, in conjunction with the Sustainable Furnishings Council.


THE FUTURE IS FEMALE, SUSTAINABLE, & INCLUSIVE: Into the Studios of Three Inspiring Furniture-Makers

NYCxDESIGN's 2021 Festival

November 15, 2021
The future of furniture is sustainable. Could it also be female? More diverse? More inclusive? Watch a trio of virtual tours inside the studios of female artisans/furniture-makers who are each helping to redefine the craft of furniture — centering sustainability and community along with great design. Amber Lasciak of REDU NYC, Sabrina Merayo Nuñez of Lunfarda Studio and Tiffany Gomez of Gomez Design Studio each opened up their *virtual* Brooklyn and Bronx doors. This event was co-sponsored by mebl | Transforming Furniture and The Furniture Society.

2021 (June - October)

Teaching Green Symposium
New York School of Interior Design

October 8-9, 2021 

A symposium on sustainability & design in education 

Teaching Green aimed to challenge academic and professional communities to inspire interior design students to create spaces that are not only beautiful and healthy, but also responsible, ethical and effective. mebl was a proud Symposium sponsor, and led a Lunch & Learn on furniture and circular design with students and faculty. 


The Circular Economy: Unpacking Furniture and Beyond

June 2, 2021

Next Economy Live Series

Can principles of circularity be harnessed to address widespread challenges in furniture and other fields -- issues such as waste, deforestation, toxicity, and poor working conditions?

Watch this session, which took a deep dive into circular approaches applicable to furniture and  a range of industries -- Explore avenues such as low-waste production, new attention to renting and reselling, and policy initiatives including Extended Producer Responsibility. This webinar was co-sponsored by mebl | Transforming Furniture and UrbisEco, and was hosted by the American Sustainable Business Council - Social Venture Circle.

2021 (April-May)

NYCxDESIGN's Design Days

May 13 - 18, 2021

> Watch our webinar -- ‘Design Fuels Recovery: Furniture in a More Sustainable, Equitable and Healthier NYC.’

> Read our series of six ‘Lightning Interviews: On Sustainability.’ These brief, fun, written interviews ran each morning in NYCxDESIGN's e-newsletter during Design Days.

mebl | Transforming Furniture took part in NYCxDESIGN's Design Days, which showcases NYC’s talented and multi-faceted design community:


The Mic Episode 7: Nurturing Nature

April 2021

NYCxDESIGN's podcast 

Listen as mebl's CEO & Founder joins host Debbie Milan and interior designer Laurence Carr for a lively discussion on how design enables us to be better stewards of nature. 


Earth Day 2021 Virtual Festival

April 19, 2021

We were proud to participate  in Earth Day 2021’s Virtual Festival, a dynamic on-line space in which environmental organizations and attendees came together to learn about and engage in new climate solutions.  mebl’s booth focused on our vision for sustainability in furniture-making through expanded use of reclaimed materials.

2021 (January - March)

Taking Circularity to Scale: The Future of Furniture

March 24, 2021

Circular City Week New York 2021

> In partnership with the Sustainable Furnishings Council, mebl convened a panel exploring multiple facets of what it would mean for the furniture industry to ‘go to scale’ in the circular economy. Watch this panel.

> We were invited by the Consulate General of Denmark to present to a group of Danish design and furniture companies who are exploring the US market. The goal was to provide first-hand insight into circular design trends in the US and the effect of the pandemic on consumers’ priorities. 


ReDesign Day: Creative Approaches to Furniture & Waste

March 3, 2021

ReFashion Week NYC 2021

> Watch ‘Driving Sustainability in Furniture and Design: Join the Change!’

> Watch ‘Dressers, Dresses and Dressing: What Can Sustainable Furniture, Fashion and Food Learn from Each Other?’

We curated a first-time track on furniture and sustainability entitled, ReDesign Day as part of the Sanitation Foundation's ReFashion Week NYC. Our aim was to challenge New Yorkers to imagine a world in which all products --  including furniture -- are made, consumed, shared and remade sustainably! We hosted two virtual events, a game show, and a virtual marketplace.


Wood Furniture Scorecard

Awarded Top Scorer for second year in a row in this joint initiative by the Sustainable Furnishings Council and the National Wildlife Federation.

Sustainability Essentials: Update

Awardee and panelist on webinar sponsored by the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

Maker Monday, An ASPIRE Design and Home Exclusive Interview

Mona Chun - mebl's Chief Operating Officer - explains her ambition to create a sustainability revolution in the furniture industry.

Circular City Week New York

Panelist for Circular Furniture and Materials in the Design Environment, a webinar sponsored by Laurence Carr Design.

Moxy East Village Hotel, NYC

mebl / Transforming Furniture facilitated artisan Michael Sanzone's commission to outfit the lobby of this new Marriott Bonvoy facility (see photo).


Wood Furniture Scorecard

Awarded Top Scorer in this joint initiative by the Sustainable Furnishings Council and the National Wildlife Federation.

Intl Contemporary Furniture Fair

Selected as panelist for ICFF's "Artisans of Influence" panel, and as exhibitor for Luxe Interiors + Designs Lounge.

Social Venture Circle

Hosted pair of networking and educational receptions as lead-up to SVC's The NEXT Economy Conference.

Voice of America

Featured in This is New York series for Russian-speakers on entrepreneurship and artisanry in the United States.

Hamed Ouattara

Hosted month-long residency for reclaimed-metal furniture artisan Hamed Ouattara, from Burkina Faso, West Africa (see photo).


2017 & 2018


Selected for Beautiful Furniture Reimagined, an exhibit and showroom at Union Square, New York City; show extended from six months to two years.

Brooklyn Designs

Selected as exhibitor for the Design Knows No Borders trade show at Brooklyn Museum. Our booth featured work by 18 furniture-makers from across the borough.


Selected for Re-imagining! Old Wood > Beautiful New Furniture, a curated exhibit and pop-up in Brooklyn, NYC. The exhibit highlighted 90 artisans who are transforming reclaimed materials into beautiful original furniture (see photo).

"Validating the possibilities of sophisticated, recycled objects."

-- Design Indaba