Our Values

Our Values

mebl | Transforming Furniture is passionate about a regenerative, successful and just future for our industry. We are committed to:

the core principles of the circular economy: eliminate waste and pollution; keep products and materials in use; and regenerate natural ecosystems

bold and transformative systems change that goes way beyond tinkering at the edges 

respecting the vast urgency and possibility of this moment

a just transition toward a future that is inclusive, equitable, and values the health and well-being of all individuals and communities

• unlearning and relearning, in a spirit of experimentation, collaboration, and the humility to acknowledge mistakes and evolve our strategy along the way


The climate crisis demands we all step up. This includes our industry - furniture - with its disproportionately large environmental footprint. We’d love to meet you wherever you are on the road to accelerating sustainability.  

Promoting Responsible Wood

mebl | Transforming Furniture promotes practices that avoid wood from unacceptable sources. 

This includes timber:

 harvested or traded illegally

 harvested in violation of traditional or civil rights

 harvested from areas in which high conservation values are threatened by poor forest management

 harvested from areas being converted from forests to plantations or non-forest use, and

 from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted

Through this policy, mebl | Transforming Furniture furthers its commitment to inspire a shift in perspective towards furniture reimagined from old wood as high-quality, original, and keepsake.



mebl |Transforming Furniture wins Top Scorer Recognition!

In our previous avatar as a retailer, mebl was ranked "Top" on the 2019 and 2020 Wood Furniture Scorecard alongside leading furniture brands including Crate & Barrel and Williams-Sonoma Group. The Scorecard is a comprehensive assessment of wood sourcing policies at nearly 100 furniture retailers across North America.

mebl | Transforming Furniture’s commitment centered on a 2021 goal of 95% overall responsible wood sourcing (90% recycled/reclaimed and 5% FSC certified), up from 90% overall (90% recycled/reclaimed) in 2019.

The Wood Furniture Scorecard is a joint initiative of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and the National Wildlife Federation. The Scorecard encourages retailers to go beyond statements to implementing real change, from developing robust sourcing policies to ensuring sustainable practices throughout their supply chains.