Our Values

Our Values

designing out waste

Reducing our carbon footprint

We are dedicated to building a carbon-neutral future by working with partners who are committed to reducing forest harvesting, decreasing the processing of materials and preventing excess production waste. We also prioritize partners seeking sustainable solutions across their operations, from adhesives to finishes to packing materials to shipping and beyond.

Envisioning a new economy

We are passionate about disrupting our linear consumption model of “take, make, use, dispose” and building a bold future that is circular -- one that redefines and reduces waste  and keeps products and materials in use.

Putting our people first

We seek to elevate the work of independent artisans, small businesses and mission-driven enterprises that share our values. We support fair prices for the diversity of furniture makers we feature and seek to help them access markets.  We support non-profit organizations that train economically vulnerable individuals to craft reclaimed furniture as a means of developing marketable skills and independent livelihoods.



Save forests, air and oceans

mebl | Transforming Furniture was founded to pursue an ideal -- seamless integration of beauty and sustainability in furniture. 

We aspire to a world that reimagines waste as a resource -- used materials become gorgeous new furniture. 

Old factories, soda crates, busted skateboards, oil barrels, fishnet and floorboards are given renewed life to reduce waste, save forests, air and oceans and make beauty enduring and circular.  

Our aim is to eliminate wood from harmful sources and to progressively increase the amount of responsible wood – from certified and recycled/reclaimed sources – utilized over time. 


Championing a new approach to furniture

We’re dedicated to expanding perceptions of what reclaimed furniture can be. No longer do you need to make a trade-off between great design, high-quality and sustainability. 

We find magic and inspiration in artisans who reimagine old barns, bridges and eyeglasses as beautiful furniture.  Re-use of materials leads to furniture with greater strength, character and originality. 

Reclaimed wood, for example, is often harder, more durable and rich with history. Reclaimed metal offers texture, unique color patterns and/or a timeless patina. Re-used plastics embody their own playful energy. 


Diminishing waste and preserving resources

We are committed to elevating furniture-makers who “design out waste” and preserve our earth’s limited resources. Through re-use of already-harvested materials, we conserve forests, reduce extraction and lower carbon emissions.

With a focus on high-quality craftsmanship, we feature furniture intended to last a lifetime . . . or two or three. Used materials as well as lasting furniture are diverted from landfills.

Furniture featured, top to bottom: 1) Apollo Bay Buffet Bombora Custom Furniture, originally Messmate boards from Australia. 2) Lake Emily Benches Fiddlehammer, originally foundation-beams from Milwaukee. 3) Broken Skateboard & Epoxy Stool Woby Design, originally busted decks from Los Angeles. 4) Box Rebellion West Barnstable Tables, originally staircases, windows and cupboard doors from West Barnstable, MA. 5) 3 Amis Stool Hamed Ouattara, originally oil barrels from Burkina Faso.