Are home brands positioned to embrace circularity?


A Business of Home article recently caught our eye!  It explores the emergence of the term ‘circularity’ in the home industry, recognizing it as “one of the most challenging and potentially impactful” directions in the field. 

Pulling from panels co-hosted by mebl | Transforming Furniture and the Sustainable Furnishings Council during this year’s Circular City Week NY (watch here) -- along with sessions by Laurence Carr IncL.Christina Cobb and others in the Circularity in Furniture series -- the author highlights the progress made by industry players and the role that designers can play in advancing circular practices. “As a consumer-driven industry," the article notes, "the home design world faces fast-growing pressure from customers who are looking to furnish with the future in mind.”

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Home brands are well positioned to embrace circularity. Will they?