Working with Us

Working with Us

Elevating . . .

• originality and great design • reuse of old materials in ways that transcend their original life • quality craftmanship • furniture that expands the realm of perception of what’s possible in reclaimed

We are striving to best “leverage” our niche -- elevating beautiful new furniture reimagined from old wood, metal and plastic -- to help accelerate the transition to far-greater environmental and economic sustainability in the furniture industry.



We work closely with like-minded partners to produce meaningful programming (virtual, live, and print), and to facilitate purchases of quality furniture built from reclaimed materials and incorporating other facets of circular design.

We collaborate with:

• Design organizations, trade shows or industry associations to co-host relevant events, create programming and content, curate furniture collections and displays, and facilitate connections with talented furniture makers

• Media or social media outlets to provide fresh, cutting-edge content at the crossroads of furniture, design, and sustainability

• Furniture-makers fostering quality and originality in their work with reclaimed wood, metal or plastic -- to learn more about their work and integrate them into our growing network

• Interior designers or architects to identify just-the-right skilled furniture-maker aligned with the style and geography of custom projects

• Environmental and economic sustainability champions to partner on content, knowledge and programming on circularity and design in furniture

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Furniture featured, top to bottom: 1) Glow Chairs Kim Markel, originally defective eyeglasses from Circleville, NY. 2) Neorustica Dining Table Jahara Studio, originally scrapwood from Sao Paulo, Brazil. 3) Tilt Dresser Iannone Design, originally racetrack horse stable from Maryland. 4) Lovely Benches Dark Sky Wood Design, originally barn beams from Tennessee (fabric by Bole Road Textiles).